Sunday, March 26, 2017


On February 10th, my first beta came back positive (HCG was 98)! I was hesitant with my excitement because we'd made it this far before only to be disappointed shortly after.

Since my first blood draw was on a Friday, we had to wait 4 days for a second beta but this one came back higher (600+) indicating a progressing pregnancy!

We had 5 days of happiness before I started to bleed and got intense cramps. Tim took me to the ER where they gave me Phenergan for the pain and we got to find out the hard way that I'm allergic! I had an awful (and scary!) reaction but a trauma team managed to get me stabilized. After flushing my system with multiple bags of fluid, they were able to do an ultrasound and found a single gestational sac...with a heartbeat! One of our two embryos was still holding on!

I've been really nervous to share the news after what happened and wanted to wait until we were a bit farther along but I hit 10 weeks on Friday...Baby Greenwood is due October 2017!

Just wanted to thank everyone who's helped us out and joined our once private battle. I'm still terribly nervous and probably will be through the entire pregnancy. I've had terrible morning sickness the last 5 weeks and am hoping that's a good sign that things are continuing to progress! I can't believe this is finally happening!!

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